Welcome to the eXtreme Distance Learning project! XDL is a component-based online distance learning system. We aim to provide all the "modules" needed for administrators, instructors, and students to conduct online distance learning and other collaborative activities.

Why XDL?

So why XDL? Why another distance learning solution? Why open source? Well, consider this:

  • Open source with BUSINESS FRIENDLY BSD license
  • PHP and Java version available
  • Modular design -- easy to extend and modify
  • Complete open source solution: LAMP or JBoss + Tomcat

We hope to provide a number of open source modules to build just the online system you are looking for. We currently offer two versions: A PHP and a JAVA based portal. So you can use the system that best fits with your current infastructure.

For More Information

If your an XDL user, or are considering setting up and XDL based site, please see our user documentation. If your a developer, you might be interested in our Sourceforge site or our online developer site. There's something for everyone.

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